Create and run your first Android app

Last Updated on December 19, 2020 by AbdurRahman G Official | Md Ghufran Salafi

Create and run your first Android app:



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Learn more


  • To create a new project, start Android Studio, click + Start a new Android Studio project, name your project, choose a template, and fill in the details.
  • To create an Android virtual device (an emulator) to run your app, choose Tools > AVD Manager and then use the AVD Manager to select a hardware device and system image.
  • To run your app on a virtual device, make sure you have created a device, select the device from the toolbar dropdown menu, and then run your app by clicking the Run icon choose Run > Run app or click the Run icon [ICON HERE] in the toolbar. [IMAGEINFO]: ic_run.png, Android Studio Run icon on the toolbar.
  • To find your project files, in the Project window, select Project Source Files from the dropdown.




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