I have Started Learning Android Development

Build, Learn, Earn and Repeat, Build Learn Earn Repeat, by AbdurRahman G,

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Started Learning Android Development (These Steps will Make You Android Developer within 3 Months If you followed all the things Promise by Code with Harry).

1st Step:

RoadMap for How to Become an Android Developer (Complete Roadmap by Code with Harry):


PDF of Roadmap:

Video 0f Roadmap:


1. Which tool to Use:-

For Beginner Use Java, So I will Use Java Programming Language to Start My Journey then I will Learn Kotlin Programming Language. (“Java Programming Language” then “Kotlin Programming Language”) (Native App Development Journey).

2. Xml & Java/Kotlin:

XML –> Design and

Java/Kotlin –> Logic.

3. Tips from my Experience (Code with Harry):

(i). Requirements Minimum 4 GB RAM Recommended 8 GB RAM Minimum,

(ii). If money available then Use SSD other wise HDD is right but SSD will increase performance,

(iii). Use SmartPhone instead of AVD (Android Virtual Device), (iv). Extra RAM is better.

4. Learning Resources:

Java in One Video by Code with Harry:

Click Here or Visit: https://codewithharry.com/videos/learn-java-in-one-video-in-hindi-2019


Android in One Video by Code with Harry:

Click Here or Visit: https://www.codewithharry.com/videos/android-development-tutorial-in-one-video-hindi


Java Course of Code with Harry (Full Playlist):


1. Introduction to Java + Installing Java JDK and IntelliJ IDEA for Java:


2. Basic Structure of a Java Program: Understanding our First Java Hello World Program:


3. Java Tutorial: Variables and Data Types in Java Programming:


4. Java Tutorial: Literals in Java:


5. Java Tutorial: Getting User Input in Java:


6. Java Programming Exercise 1: CBSE Board Percentage Calculator:


7. Java Tutorial: Chapter 1- Practice Set | Java Practice Problems With Solution:


8. Java Tutorial: Operators, Types of Operators & Expressions in Java:


9. Java Tutorial: Associativity of Operators in Java:


10. Java Tutorial: Data Type of Expressions & Increment/Decrement Operators:


11. Java Tutorial: Exercise 1 – Solutions + Shoutouts:


12. Java Tutorial: Chapter 2 – Practice Set (Java Practice Questions):


13. Java Tutorial: Introduction to Strings:


14. Java Tutorial: String Methods in Java:


15. Java Practice Questions on Strings: Practice Set on Java Strings (Must Solve!):


16. Java Conditionals: If-else Statement in Java:


17. Java Tutorial: Relational and Logical Operators in Java:


18. Java Tutorial: Switch Case Statements in Java:


19. Java Tutorial: Practice Questions On Conditionals & Switch Case:


20. Java Programming Exercise 2: Rock, Paper Scissors Game in Java:













Android Playlist of Code with Harry:


Android Developer Fundamentals (Java) by Google:

Click Here or Visit: https://developer.android.com/courses/fundamentals-training


Android Developer Advanced (Java) by Google:

Click Here or Visit: https://developer.android.com/courses/advanced-training


Developing Android Apps by Udacity:

Click Here or Visit: https://www.udacity.com/course/new-android-fundamentals–ud851


Started Kotlin:

Click Here or Visit: https://developer.android.com/courses


5. Documentation (Never Ending Learning things):

Click Here or Visit: https://developer.android.com/docs

Click Here or Visit: https://developer.android.com/samples

Using Stack Overflow, GitHub,

6. Android Bonus Resources:

Android Launcher Icon (Website):

Click here or Visit: https://romannurik.github.io/AndroidAssetStudio/index.html



PDF of Roadmap:



Build –> Learn –> Earn –> Repeat:

Build, Learn, Earn and Repeat, Build Learn Earn Repeat, by AbdurRahman G,

Build, Learn, Earn and Repeat



7. How to Make Money Using Android Development:

i. Freelancing,

ii. Play Store + Admob,

iii. Play Store + In App Purchase,

iv. Job or Internship,

v. Social Media (Freelancing or Tutoring or Bug Fixing etc).


8. Other CWH Special Tips

i. Version Control (Git),

ii. Database,

iii. Admob API

iv. How to Build a Game:

Unity and C Sharp.

Click here or Visit: https://developer.android.com/games/develop/build-in-unity


Roadmap by Code with Harry and Uploaded by AbdurRahman G, Android Developer Roadmap for free with free resources.


by: AbdurRahmanG.com



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