Time Table by Aman Dhattarwal for AbdurRahman G

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Time Table For AbdurRahman G

24 Hours:

Day or Night:



1st Hour of the Day:

  1. Do not Give Your time to any Screen or Electronics things.
  2. Give this one hour to self.
  3. Pray and See to Sunlight.


Long Term Time Table:

  1. Provide date to every marked Goal.


One Subject:

  1. Do not stuck at one subject.
  2. Give time to 2 subject at least.
  3. One sitting is equal to 2-3 hours.



  1. Revision is the key player.
  2. Do at least 5-6 times revision.


10% (Ten Percent) rule:

  1. Right at least 10% in note book.
  2. Make Flash card (Make Summery of the Subject).
  3. 5-6 revision at least at one chapter.

To do / Reality:

  1. Make everyday time table to do everyday.
  2. What I thought today write in the Morning and What I did in reality today at write in night.



  1. Tell to everyone in the family that I have made this time table and I will follow these time table today.



  1. Do not full your belly 100% (Do not eat full food). Eat only what ever needed not overloaded.
  2. Only eat 75% not 100%.
  3. You can eat many times but not one time.


Environment Isolation:

  1. Make your study environment.
  2. Study only on fixed place where you decided, that place will be only for study not for other things.
  3. If you are feeling stress or you are feeling bore then leave study place and walk or rest your body for some minutes.


Scientifically Approved Facts for Time Table:

  1. Every 25 Minutes Take 5 Minutes Rest.
  2. Every 50 Minutes Take 10 Minutes Rest.
  3. Every 2:30 Hours Take 30 Minutes Rest.
  4. Be always honest with self.



  1. Long Hour Sittings.
  2. Give Minimum 2:30 Hours.
  3. If you give 3 sittings then follow 2:30+2:30+4
  4. If you give 4 sittings then Follow 2:30+2:30+4+4


Eat That Frog;

  1. P1
  2. P2
  3. P3
  4. P4 etc.



  1. Sleep at least 8 hours.
  2. Make Long Term Time Table.
  3. Do at least these things that What I will do, Think in the Morning and What I did, Think in the Evening.
  4. Make Your own Environment for Study.
  5. Take Rest at least 5 minutes after 25 minutes.
  6. Exercise is more important.
  7. Eat food only 75%. Eat Many times but not one time.
  8. More Important that Make sure you have made time table everyday.

If you followed these things at least 7 days it means you are on Track. If you followed 14 days then you are Kattappa and If you followed 21 days then you are BahuBali and Tag to Aman Dhattarwal.




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